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Highly recommended!

I am a high-achiever, operating at or near the top of my industry. I wanted a coach that would enable me to push even further – to take things to the “next level”. I see many coaches falling into two categories – directive (pushing) and facilitative (pulling). I believe Julie’s approach is beautiful combination of the two that results in her unique style of ontological coaching. That is exactly what I was seeking. Ontological coaches, like Julie, take the position that the client is the expert on his or her life and knows what he or she wants. An ontological coach just helps you determine how to get there. Julie knows I have the power and ability to create the life I want. She is not trying to fix me. Instead, she is helping me gain insight into how to live intentionally. Our conversations are about self-reflection. Julie’s coaching helps me identify fundamental truths about myself that will enable me to get to my destination. It is not just about goal-setting and accountability. It is about understanding the reasoning behind my goals and implementing the life changes necessary to achieve those goals. I think Julie has done a tremendous job in helping me in my transformation from the status quo to the businessman and family man that I really want to be. For that I say, “Thanks, Julie!” Highly recommended.

Nick, Florida


Julie has been my life coach for the past couple of months and it has been amazing. Through our sessions I feel that have been able to understand my goals for 2018 and beyond and I am finally able to articulate why I want to meet these goals. I was in a rut and finally feel that I have been able to get out of it because of her help. I definitely feel motivated and ready after our sessions. I also feel more grounded on what I think of myself as a person and how others view me; we have done exercises that have helped me better understand these critical aspects of myself. She is easy to talk to, non-judgmental, and super smart. She is also very organized and I feel that our sessions have been worth my time and energy. I look forward to talking to her on a weekly basis.

Payel, New York

Helped me to get “unstuck”!

I hope that I have conveyed to you how transformative this experience has been for me in a variety of ways. First, coaching has helped me to get “unstuck” and see that there are always options. It has helped me realize that the options and answers are within and I just have to reach deep to find them and execute them. Having week-to-week milestones and activities has truly supported this process by providing me with accountability for my actions. Second, our coaching relationship has helped me to become more empowered and purposeful in how I move my life forward. Your guidance has been supportive and without judgment. You have provided the tools in a way that has still allowed me to be in control of and responsible for my life choices. Third, your warmth and kindness has always shone through during our sessions and sometimes, I just needed someone objective to listen. This has been perhaps the most important trait and skill that you have – listening without judgment in a way that respects where I am in my life and supports my decision to move forward.

I feel that I am on a great path for moving forward. The unknown is a little daunting, but I do believe there are great things on the other side.

Wendy, New Jersey

Am now a better husband, father, and business owner.

As a sole-proprietor, and only employee of a Contracting Business, hard work comes with the job. What does not come naturally, is, realizing when it’s important to bring in help. I have run my business with moderate success for the past 5 years, but recently I felt it necessary to identify ways that I could grow my business, and generate proven strategies to make it happen. Upon my introduction to Julie Ketover, I knew that I had met the right professional to guide me in this process.
Immediately, Julie assisted me in uncovering “blocks” that were limiting me from achieving the goals that I had set for myself. The demands of my work are abundant, in addition to the demands of family obligations. In just a few short sessions it had become clear to me that the “routine” that I established in my life, was not conducive to my growth. A starting point was addressing my complacency in managing my schedule, and the people around me whom were willing to help. With a few subtle shifts in the way I was planning my work week, and the tasks that were “necessary” during the course of a day, I was able to substantially increase my productivity. My relationships with friends, family, and colleagues grew stronger as I was able to confidently communicate my intentions and needs.
The relationship in coaching was not about what Julie “told” me to “do”; moreover, it was how she was able to help me identify what “I” need to “do”. Unless you are part of some rare demographic, we as humans establish patterns that we don’t always choose. Those patterns almost passively enter our lives because of how we were raised, or even what we believed was comfortable. It helped me to be reflective, and willing to grow in order for the coaching relationship to prosper. Julie has given me confidence that I did not have when we first started working together. The coaching she provided me has been priceless in more ways than I could have imagined. Today, I am more “decisive” than ever in my personal and professional life because of the tools that Julie has given me. I have renewed optimism about my business, a fresh perspective on all of my future goals, and have become a better version of myself.
I am confident that a coaching relationship, no matter the duration, will benefit people from any background. If you feel like you are “stuck in a rut”, a “titan”, or on a path to “greatness” you can benefit from coaching. Some of the discoveries that Julie will help you make will be keys to the life that you’ve wanted for yourself. The best investment I’ve made in my business has been investing in “myself”, coaching has helped me to grow into the person I needed to be years ago. I am a better husband, father, and business owner because of the advice and knowledge from Julie Ketover.

Jeff, New Jersey

Helped me put structured practices into my daily life.

Working with Julie has given me a weekly structure to examine the areas in my life where, although I want change to occur, I operate on autopilot. Julie has helped me put some structured practices into my daily life, and simply by following those practices, I have seen dramatic shifts occur in my life. Also, Julie sees things in me that I cannot see in myself. Her reflections of me that she shares with me at the end of all of our calls has enabled me to see myself in a more powerful way, and that inner strength has shifted the way I relate to myself.

Julie is kind, loving and compassionate. The insights that she shares about what she sees in me have helped me push beyond where I would normally stop in my life. After every weekly call I am left empowered and inspired.

I feel like everyone could benefit in working with Julie. Not only does she provide me with powerful wisdom and insights, but she does so in a very loving and gentle way. I would recommend her to anyone who is looking to make changes in any area of their life.

Joanna, New Jersey


Julie has helped me re-connect and recognize my core strengths and to utilize them to achieve my life goals. Wow its amazing! its not that she taught me some rocket science; she just helped me feel comfortable with my self- accepting, working with and at times challenging my limitations and channeling my strength in the right path. She has a very warm and welcoming personality and is completely nonjudgmental.

Grishma, New Jersey

Powerful Force

Julie has been such a wonderful influence and powerful force for good in my world since we began working together. She takes a nuanced, highly intelligent approach to problems, understands the core of where you’re coming from and tackles them with insight, love, respect and a bit of toughness and grit. She provides complex yet workable responses on the big picture visions, the mundane daily skirmishes and all the in between. She’s been immensely helpful to me in all aspects, and I greatly enjoy the time we spend together.

Ava, New York

Life-changing experience

Collaborating with Julie has been a life-changing experience. After witnessing a friend (who works with Julie) shift her personal life and substantially grow her business, I knew having a coach would not only be an incredible experience, but a necessary investment to make things come to fruition in my life. Her sessions each week constantly provide new opportunities for insight. She helps me explore patterns of behavior that show up in my professional and personal life. Julie has a gently yet effective accountability mechanism to keep me moving forward to the goals I am setting for myself. Thank you! Thank you!

Heather, Florida


Over the years, I’ve held many positions in the legal field. I’ve been in big law firms, in-house, out on my own, and now in a small boutique firm. I realized when I hit about 2 years in my current job that the reason I change jobs so often is because I get bored or frustrated or disenchanted with my job and seek change, sometimes just for change’s sake. After talking to Julie, I realized that it may not be the job itself, but how I approach my job that is the real problem. I found that what I really want is to be invested in my work, to find personal fulfillment in what I do, and to find a way to do what I love to the best of my ability, but without compromising who I am as a person, or what matters the most to me in life. In working with Julie, she has helped me find my voice, and reignite my passion for the law. She’s helped me overcome my insecurities and feeling of inadequacy and she’s helped me to see that I am fully capable of realizing my goals in both my personal and professional lives. It has been really empowering working with Julie. She gets me, and doesn’t try to change me. She just helps me tap into some inner strengths that I didn’t know I had or was afraid to access. It’s been an absolute joy working with her, and it has changed my whole attitude about my work. I no longer am looking for the next best thing outside of where I am now, but instead I am seeking to make my current job work for me. She prods me sometimes to own up to some habits, but she does it in a funny and caring way. She makes me really think about the “why” of what I do, and not just the “how”. My coaching experience with Julie has been trans-formative.

Donna, Pennsylvania

When Lightning Strikes . . .

On November 30, 2018, lightning struck me – I met Julie Ketover. Rare we would have friends in common – no; rare we would both love and adore Michelle Obama and want to see her book tour – no; rare we would sit next to each other and talk as if we had been friends for years – absolutely; even more rare that I would share that I was at a crossroads in my career and feeling incredibly unfulfilled and unhappy – no doubt. And so what would have been a phenomenal evening turned magical.

Days later, Julie and I started our journey together. I shared my discontentment in my job, my boss, and my decisions. I blamed myself. I was hard on myself. I had very little faith in myself. But the thing about lightning bolts is that it is an electric discharge, it gives you energy. As did mine. And week after week we worked on me. What I brought to the table – my true essence and I grew more confident. I found my voice again and I started to develop a plan.

Within 3 months of working together, I changed jobs. I am now in a role that I love, working for someone that I admire and emulate. I am passionate about my company and I finally feel fulfilled. That, in and of itself, for me, was transformative, but Julie continued to strike.

During our sessions, I went through a terrible family crisis. Julie listened, provided me resources and comfort. She did not judge me, she did not try to fix me. She was exactly what I needed when I needed it most and for that I will be forever thankful.

Julie is truly remarkable. She delivers coaching that is so far beyond coaching it should be called therapy for your soul. Yes, she can navigate the complicated terrain of corporate America. Yes, she will help you develop a project plan to achieve your desired promotion and sought after goals. Yes, she will achieve all the things you want a typical coach to do for you. But it is the intangible things that make her truly extraordinary. She listens – not in the way your partner listens but in the way you listen to your children when you are trying to uncover the true meaning of their words. She co-creates with you. She is invested in your thoughts, ideas, plans and you feel it when she talks and looks at you. She empathizes with you when you hurt, when you are raw and open. She lets you feel all of your emotions however you feel them. She does not apologize for them or make excuses for them nor does she allow you to – she just lets you feel them. They are yours after all. Most remarkably, she doesn’t shy away from pushing you into the hard stuff and questioning the things that you keep dancing around. If we don’t face our fears we cannot conquer them. She helps you battle them, she may even put on armor and join the war!

So according to the National Geographic, the odds of being struck by lightning in any one year is 1 in 700,000. I guess I am pretty lucky Julie Ketover struck me.

Monica, New Jersey

will never be the same because of the work we did together

Thank you so much for such an amazing year! Thank you for holding such beautiful space and holding my heart when it felt like it was beating outside of my body. You are generosity, curiosity, creation, revolution, divinity, femininity, brilliance, genuine love and power and light!

Thank you for holding my hand and shining that beautiful light into some of my darkest places. You are such an example of fearless self-trust and self-sourcing. I will never be the same because of the work we did together. You are so beautiful, stunning, radiant! Thank you for sharing that with me and for sharing yourself with the world! You are an atmosphere changer and a perspective elevator.

Thank you for connection me with my life purpose of love and for helping cement me more deeply and intimately with my body and my desires. You loving and accepting me is what opened the door for me to love and accept myself more openly and freely. You will always have a piece of my heart and my deepest gratitude.

I love you always in all ways,

Alycia, Ohio

Highly Empowering Experience

My journey with Julie began with several questions, “What do you want to change in your life? What’s stopping you from changing? What is your true essence?” For me, answering those questions at the beginning was easy, “I DON”T KNOW!” That answer alone was reason enough to work with Julie. It’s true, there are somethings we don’t want to learn about ourselves: #1 We are the one standing in my own way; #2 We are the only one who can change our lives. There is no magic pill, no amazing book, no list, no cheat sheet, only YOU (and this case a great life coach!). I made a 6-month commitment and investment in myself. Julie empowered me with group discussions, encouragement, acknowledgment, as well as tools that helped me on my journey to understand what I wanted and what I needed to do to get there. She never gave up on me, even when I wanted to give up on myself. She supported me each step of my journey, and she truly believed I could reach whatever goal I set for myself. My journey continues daily, now more intentionally and with conscious effort to come from my true essence whenever possible, and to believe in my personal power. I face life, conversations, and everyday situations from a different place now. I am open to being guided by the journey, and not by fear. My advice to people who are thinking about investing in coaching (i.e., investing in themselves): DO IT! Do the work, answer the hard questions, feel the tough feelings, and take control of your SELF (NOT your situation). Then re-write your story the way you know it should be: beautiful, meaningful, powerful, and forever grateful.

Frances, Texas

Focus, Clarity and Action

I’ll admit it – Julie had to push me into starting coaching. But I am so incredibly grateful that she did. She pushed me to learn about myself, express my fears and challenges, and trust myself. Julie helped me clarify my goals and the reasons for them, formulate and achieve a specific plan, and find answers, mostly inside myself, but which I did not know were there. Julie provided compassion, wisdom and insightful questions to guide me along a great path of action and discovery. I treasure Julie’s willingness to go with me wherever I need to go, whether on my main project or on very separate but critical issues that need attention at the time of our call. I recommend Julie unequivocally.

Ellen, Nevada

Julie is an Earth Angel

Julie is powerful, open, visionary, authentic and incredibly kind which makes it easy to be vulnerable and open up to her. I am so grateful that she chooses to serve as she is meant for this work. Julie helps me in countless ways. The best way to describe the unique value she floods my life with is that she represents an externalized version of my best self and holds that vision stead fast. A best self version where I’m disciplined, accountable to each step on the journey on the way to my grand scheme goals and that I always advocate for myself! She holds this vision steady. Julie provides the support to make it feel the easiest and most natural thing in the world to be the best version of myself!! If you are considering coaching, JULIE is an absolute no brainer and will add incredible force of positive energy to your life to fuel your next steps!!!

Giselle, California

Highly recommended for anyone in a high functioning position

Working with Julie was an exceptional experience. I very much appreciated our time together. She is a great listener, is conscientious and has provided me with a new perspective on how I view my role, strengths and career potential. She held me accountable for the things I expressed wanting to achieve, and was flexible with my schedule / process. I really enjoyed working with her and would highly recommend her for anyone in a high functioning position who is looking to propel themselves to the next level.

Kaylen, New York

Set a fresh course for growth

I had a fantastic experience with Coach Julie. I worked with Julie for 6 months and in that time she helped me identify some very fixable things that were getting in the way of growth in both my business and personal life. Through very sensible exercises I was able to move past what was blocking me and was then able to create a path leading me to internal and external growth. I’m happy to highly recommend Coach Julie to anyone feeling the need to set a fresh course for growth in any aspect of their life. Thank you Coach Julie!!

Jim, New Jersey

So much more capable and confident and am a better manager and leader

I have my dream job that I created and have been extremely successful in my career. I also manage a large team who would likely be shocked to hear that I suffer from imposter syndrome and often doubt my accomplishments and fear I will be exposed as a fraud. This stems from the fact that I am a perfectionist and have high expectations for myself and others. If I don’t do things perfectly, I often feel like a failure. Working with Julie has been a wonderful experience for me because she is incredibly patient and supportive, but she is not afraid to push me outside of my comfort zone, which is exactly what I need. Over the past several months, Julie and I have worked to acknowledge my fear of failure, put it into perspective, and change my self-dialogue. We set short and long-term goals and Julie is holding me accountable for taking steps to accomplish these goals. After only a few short months of working with Julie, I feel so much more capable and confident and am a better manager and leader. The coaching experience is not always easy if you are committed to doing it the right way. It is sometimes painful and uncomfortable. This is why you need to work with a coach you can trust. I trust Julie and know she always has my best interests in mind. I have grown so much both personally and professionally and am forever grateful.

Melissa, Pennsylvania

Brilliant Mind, Radiant Heart

I like to think that I manifested Julie’s presence back in my life.
Late one night, I was churning on a familiar spin cycle, going around and around about how to bridge the competing draws and demands of parenting and career, wanting to be present and authentic and exceptional at both. The next morning out of the blue, Julie reached out to me with an invitation… It turns out I was searching for Julie without yet knowing that. Needless to say, I readily accepted, and am so grateful for however this all came to pass.

Julie tailored her skillful approach in a flexible way that allowed me to be me, with enough structure to get me fully invested in it. Julie encouraged me to unearth, examine, refine, and to do it all over again. With Julie’s unique blend of insight, brilliance, care, and humor, she shined a bright light on my limiting habitual paths, and the places where I was letting myself be stuck, confined, torn, overwhelmed. From that place, Julie helped me crack open a much more expansive awareness and realm of possibility, anchored by a distilled sense of my own talents and personal brand of leadership. It’s a rare find when someone can make the messy process of Growth feel good.

Thank you Julie, for sharing your gifts to help me enhance mine..

Michelle, Colorado

Excellent Resource

Julie has been the driving force for my life changing mindset. She helped me tackle mental blocks that have held me back from achieving the greatness I deserve. She is able to breakdown complex situations and get to the root, helping me overcome seemingly insurmountable issues. I enjoyed our calls very much and look forward to continuing to work with Julie.

Thank you

James, New York


When I first met Julie, I had recently pivoted to a new career and role at my organization. I had become so frustrated in this new role for numerous reasons. This felt so foreign to me as I have always been a high achiever and could always overcome any obstacle that came my way.

After just a few sessions with Julie, she helped me open my eyes. I truly learned to redefine what success and my future mean to me rather than view it as something to fear. Because of Julie’s coaching, asking the right questions and honesty, I feel as though I am truly empowered to make my own decisions. I view my future from such a different perspective that I understand what a win-win scenario is for me.

I do not think I could be where I am today without Julie. She is so easy to talk to, non-judgmental, but more importantly, she truly cares and is invested in you. I felt so motivated to put in the time for myself because someone like her believed in me.

Alex, Massachusetts


Julie and I originally met professionally, through a shared passion for helping more women achieve positions in leadership. With my background in tech, innovation and startups, I felt that I had muscled through most of my career and leadership trajectory feeling exhausted and isolated as a woman. I painted a picture of how I would change that experience for the next generation of women leaders, and flirted with the idea of building a company.

Julie offered to shape our relationship together based on the support and sounding board that I specifically needed. To not feel alone in taking on building a mission based startup. Just knowing that we had time together provided an enormous sense of comfort and relief to me. What amazed me was how rapidly Julie helped me work through issues that felt like friction in the earliest days of building the company. We quickly unpacked my thoughts and beliefs and Julie encouraged me to evolve my thinking and behavior to grow as a founder and leader.

I highly recommend working with Julie, and I am fortunate to have met her and have her be on this journey with me. For me, Julie shows up as a brilliant, warm, insightful, humorous, supportive and challenging coach. She guides me to go deeper and change my patterns so that I achieve my vision.

My advice to anyone considering working with Julie? Take the leap, get further faster and with more joy.

Laurie, Colorado

“Julie changed my life.”

It is not an exaggeration to say that Julie changed my life. I was in a very difficult work situation and was very unhappy. Then COVID hit. Julie helped me identify what were real issues and what were “stories” I was telling myself. In other words, she helped me better assess situations around me and see it for what it really was. She made me question the assumptions I was making. Then, when my job went through a fundamental change, she helped me weather it and come out 100 times better for having gone through it.

She also pushed me to go beyond my comfort zone and have some hard conversations with people. I still tell myself, “this conversation does not need to be perfect” before having these conversations. Julie was always thoughtful, insightful, and humorous, and I greatly enjoyed working with her, and have no doubt I will again. I could not recommend her more.

Neil, Massachusetts

“gently challenge[d] me like a velvet hammer”

Julie is an empathetic executive coach that brings a level of authenticity to all of our sessions.

When we first started, I brought problems that I wanted to get solved. However, throughout the journey, I realized that they were symptoms of deeper issues. It is through our sessions that we were able to tease out the root cause of many issues I struggle with.

As someone who is empathetic, she was able to quickly tell whether I entered the session centered off- kilter. That deep understanding of my presence couple with her ability to gently challenge me like a velvet hammer led to some breakthroughs.

Because she was alongside and often supporting. me through my journey, I have become more comfortable with who I am, more authentic in how I show up, and more vulnerable as a leader.

Vince, California

Game Changer

I was in the process of interviewing for a dream role at a dream company, but the salary range for the role was too low and the company indicated that there wasn’t much room for negotiation. Since I knew I couldn’t make their offer work, I decided that I would have to withdraw my candidacy; but, wanted to do so in a way that would leave me on good terms with the company so that I could be considered for future openings. I reached out to Julie to help me come with a strategy to accomplish my goal, and she completely changed the game for me! In just one session she helped me come up with a strategy – not to withdraw my candidacy, but to negotiate for a higher salary/compensation package. She helped me realize that I had more leverage than I initially realized, and reframed my thinking as I went into the final stages of the interview/negotiation process. The company ended up increasing their offer and I accepted. If it wasn’t for Julie’s help and guidance, I would’ve withdrawn from the process and walked away from a dream role. I can’t thank Julie enough, and highly recommend her to anyone who is facing a challenging decision or looking to make a change in their careers.

Mariela, New York

One of kind ~ trusted partner

Life changing is the first word that comes to mind when I think about my coaching experience with Julie.  I was at a pivotal point in my career when I connected with Julie and I felt unclear and uncertain about my path forward.  I was struggling internally with asking myself the right questions to catapult me forward with intention aligned to my passion and purpose.  I had tried reading books and talking with friends but still found myself overwhelmed, swirling in a sea of options. Julie skillfully guided me through self exploration that helped me to better understand “me”, my “what”, my “why” and formulate an actionable plan. There was one exercise that had a profound impact on my self confidence because it helped me to understand how others see me and value me. 

After just a few sessions I was amazed at how quickly and clearly I was able to articulate my narrative and what was even more amazing is how quickly the stars began to align to my vision and become a reality.  Opportunities began to manifest and the next chapter of my life was taking shape. 

I am forever grateful to have found such a talented, kind-hearted and kick ass coach!  Julie is truly one of a kind and provides a unique combination of care and compassion while holding me accountable to my commitments, reminding me of my why and challenging me to be my best self.  I highly recommend her as a trusted partner.

Sari, New Jersey

“a gift that I did not know I needed….an incredible growth agent”

I am eternally grateful for my partnership with Julie Ketover over the last year. It has been transformative. Julie was a gift that I did not know I needed, and I did not have the vocabulary to request. She was so unexpected, but oh so welcomed.

Candidly, at our initial meeting, I did not know what to expect because I did not know what would happen. I did not understand how this association would help me because in my career being offered a coach somehow meant you were underperforming. However, I have learned that Julie was a gift to ensure my high performance could and would continue. I also learned that she was a tangible investment in me and my continued professional growth and success.

I had never had an employer invest in me. I had never had an employer willing to know my story. I had never had employer give me tools to further my success. My high performance and success were all on me. However, when I met Julie, I learned that good/great employers provide their employees with exceptional resources, relationships, and insight to accelerate their growth.
Julie is an incredible growth agent. Her insights, provocative questions, and pointed challenges quickly fast tracked my personal and career awareness. Julie helped me see how previous successful behavioral traits and habits might stall my future career advancement. She helped me understand how to recognize and manage my triggers, so that I used them for my elevation. She also helped me become a better all-around communicator.

The pandemic was a stressful time for many of us, but Julie’s partnership became a spot of calm in the crazy. Julie’s guidance allowed me to use this time to thrive in ways I had not before. She helped me evolve my understanding of all the tools in my toolkit and learn how to use all of them effectively, while not over relying on a single set of tools.

I am a winner, and I am grateful for this time because Julie helped me understand how to win in the new seasons of my life. My partnership with Julie unlocked my whole brain to write a more comprehensive definition of success. I respect and admire Julie as partner and a professional more than words can say. I look forward to continuing my growth based on the tools and techniques she taught me.
If you have the opportunity to partner with her, do not hesitate, jump in with your whole self.

Doston, Florida

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